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Hand Reared Birds for Sale 
We pride ourselves on the quality of our birds, although we don't breed them ourselves many H.R parrots i.e. Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, Small Parrots & Cockatiels are hand reared by us from 2 weeks old in a home environment. They are weaned on the top quality seed and fresh fruit every H.R. bird is sold with a hatch certificate, diet sheet and portable carry box. 
If there is a parrot that you are looking for please Contact Us as we may be able to find one for you.  
Bird food & Toys 
Bird seed is sold in our large pet shop, types such as Tidymix, Fruit & Nut mix, Harrisons, Rob Harveys, Johnson & Jeff etc. We also have one of the largest ranges of parrot toys, treats, Bird Care Company products and cages, including Kings cages, Montana, Essigi, Ferplast etc. 
Baby African Grey 
Baby African greys , will be ready in about 14 weeks from the end of May. 
This is J.J he is a Golden Mantle Rosella he is semi tame and a lovely little friend, he is looking for a new loving home, if you think you could give him that please get in contact or come out to see him. 
Hand Reared Cockatiels
1 Left 
Aviary Birds 
Cockatiels N/A 
Rainbow £20.00 each 
Mixed Colours £18.00 each 
Canaries N/A 
Red Factors  
Zebra Males  
Zebra Hens  
Brown Zebra's  
Black Cheeks  
Kakarikis pied N/A 
Kakarikis N?A 
Rosa Bourkes  
Love Birds  
Dimond Doves N/A 
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